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News & Blog

From Trumpets Of Christ

June 14th, 2017

A Beautiful Hodgepodge

This past month has been quite the array of activities!  We hope you enjoy this hodgepodge of pictures that capture snippets of the life and ministry that takes place at Trumpets of Christ Intl.  This month we have stepped out in faith in several areas, and are expecting a large harvest- both of souls and crops!  Read below to find out more.  Enjoy the pictures!



Pastor Shan preaches the Gospel during a Sunday service.


Noon and Yee lead Sunday School.

We’ve had a large increase in church attendance recently!  Some are Christians who haven’t yet found a church home.  Most of them are local children and teenagers taking advantage of our English program we offer before service.  Last week we had 28 children attend English, and all of those were in church!  Due to the number of new children who come for English class, we have many unbelievers attending Sunday School (last week we had 24 kids)!  We’ve had to revamp our curriculum to be Gospel-centered and very basic.  It has to be easy enough for a person who’s never even HEARD of Jesus to connect to!  It’s a challenge but such a great opportunity for us to share the Gospel!



Cassava plant


Clearing the land for new crops

There are several farming endeavors going on this year.  We’ve planted large plots of cassava, a purple root that’s popular in Thai desserts.  We’ve also planted rice, watermelon, and pineapple.  The rainy season is the perfect time to watch crops sprout up from the fertile earth.  The greenhouse is also going, serving primarily as a food source for the children’s home.


Children’s Home

IMG_9789Three of our youngest kids stroll the property.  From left: Fa (7), Surakit (5), and Lao (8)

IMG_9802The kids relaxing after mealtime.

IMG_9825Preparing for a fight, perhaps?  From left: Toon (8), Matthew (9), Acom (10), Jai (13), and Song (8)


The staff getting down to business during a weekly staff meeting.  We have 10 dedicated staff members.

The children’s home currently has 17 children, but not enough funding to provide for their basic needs each month!  We are blessed by one-time gifts, but value even more those monthly gifts, no matter how small!  Would you consider becoming part of our sponsorship team?  There is more information here.   All you need is a PayPal account or a checkbook!


ToomTarm giving a cheesy grin at the beginning of the outreach.


The kids enjoying the games and object lessons led by some of our staff.


Goofing off during outreach.  From left: Chart (18), La (17), and Katie (our teaching intern this summer).

The outreach this month was to our neighbors (about 20 miles away) at a brickyard.  We brought games and gifts for the kids, and shared a simple Gospel message based on an object lesson.  The kids really enjoyed themselves!  Next month we plan to take our outreach to a local orange orchard that houses many Shan people.  Our hope is to spread the light of Christ through word and deed.  Would you pray for these endeavors?  We believe the Gospel holds power to change lives, and want to see our community changed!

May you be blessed as you carry out your calling!  We pray you were blessed to hear what the Lord is up to in Thailand.  We also pray that you will consider joining our support team, either financial or prayerful.  Both are large needs!  We are especially asking for gifts in the area of the Children’s Home this year, as we focus on getting a consistent support system going.  Thank you for being a part of our team.  We could not do this without you!


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