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News & Blog

From Trumpets Of Christ

February 19th, 2018

Looking Back: Vision Conference 2018

Celebrating Our Best-Attended Conference Yet!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 15.16.30

(Click the picture above to watch the conference video highlights!)

We had a great conference this year!  Over 200 attended this year; more than ever before.  There were five different churches represented and many people groups.  Friends from all over the world came together to make an incredible worship team.  One Shan church about 20 miles from us brought the most people each night, including many teenagers.  Because of their attendance, they won a free guitar!

Though it was exciting to see the numbers grow, the success of a conference is never marked by its numbers.  This year, we saw God break down barriers to bring the churches of Thailand together!  Praise God for three fantastic nights of worship, prayer, Word and fellowship, and the beginning of a UNITED church in Thailand!

A special thanks to our supporters and prayer partners for making this conference possible.  May God continue to bring the people of Thailand closer to Himself!

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