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News & Blog

From Trumpets Of Christ

November 05th, 2016

October Mission Teams

Hello from Trumpets of Christ International.  Wow it has been a busy but productive month filled with teams and fun.  Our first team of 15 from Washington State was energetic and ready as soon as their feet hit Thai soil.  Many of the team members are skilled in construction which was great to have come along side the people here.  They started on the foundation of the dry goods store, leveling it out with sand and dirt, and pouring cement. Thank you Chase Construction and NHCC.

img_6625 img_6650 img_6582 img_6609

The women were a great help to Pastor Paula and Ba Fong helping in the sewing room preparing bags to sell for the children’s home.  The women have created beautiful traditional bags, easy travel bags, as well as some bohemian ones.

The New Horizons team brought many things to bless the staff and children here.  They made cookies for the kids’ movie night, and brought hundreds of shoes, school supplies, jerseys, shorts, and soccer balls.  Joel Carver helped put together an awesome soccer camp outreach to the local kids in the area.  It was amazing to see all the kids from different backgrounds come together over the sport they love while at the same time being able to share Christ with them. Thank you to all who helped in the blazing heat!

img_7111 img_7107 img_6918 img_6848

The New Horizons team also helped take down the old roof of the cafeteria as well as weeding and landscaping. The teams did outreach at the local markets and did house visits where they prayed over people and invited them to the healing services.  They held  services Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings where we had great turn out and each night got better and better.  The team members share encouragement as well as some of their personal stories.  All were blessed by their sharing.

img_6770 img_6821 img_6804 img_6747 img_6684 img_6680 img_6507 img_6496 img_6500 img_6501 img_6481 img_6479 img_6473

A small group from NHCC went to Hintek a drug rehabilitation center in the northern mountains of Thailand.  There they shared the gospel, personal stories, and played futsol with the men. While in the area they were also able to go to a local pastor’s home to pray with him and his wife.

Two of the team members, Joel and his daughter Taitum brought their video equipment to capture the many projects going on around the property.  They did an awesome job!

The second team arrived at the airport as the first team was departing. They were led by Pastor Chuck and Mrs. Candy.  This team of nine members from Michigan, Lindsey’s home State, was excited to be here, some for the very first time.  We stayed the night in Chiang Mai and in the morning got news of the Beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s passing.  We will continue to pray for the nation of Thailand and that the Lord will do a mighty work through His people here in this uncertain time.

In addition to cleaning the church in preparation for Sunday, that night the team arranged a bonfire with s’mores for the kids which was a great treat.  The following morning we had the pleasure of hearing Pastor Chuck preach at church. That afternoon the women from MEFC held a baby shower for Lindsey and surprised her by face timing her mother.  Thank you ladies; she was blessed!

img_7202 img_7197 img_7193

The team then started on a few construction projects around the property. They started laying the foundation of the new school bathroom as well as painting the gym and ping pong room. The team also went out into the community to do some house visits to pray and invite families to our Wednesday night church service.

img_0783 img_0840

On Friday, the team had a full day of activities planned. They started out with a field day full of games and crafts for the kids for some 30 kids from the community. The kids had a great time laughing and playing. The day ended with a sensational candy scavenger hunt at night. It was hard to tell who enjoyed it more: the kids or the staff! The team made a huge emphasis of serving the staff and the children throughout their time with us.

img_7391 img_7386 img_7384 img_7289 img_7290 img_7263 img_7269 img_7224 img_7212 img_7220

Thank you again to Pastor Dwain and Pastor Joel form NHCC and to Pastor Chuck and Mrs. Candy from MEFC for leading your teams and blessing the people here at Trumpets of Christ International and Faith Village.  We will never forget you!


Please keep us in your prayer as Pastor Paula continues to recover from surgery and as we prepare for the annual Leadership Conference in January as well as the arrival of the new member of the Mahawon family.




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