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News & Blog

From Trumpets Of Christ

April 01st, 2016

The Mahawons Return from Burma

The village welcomed Pastors David and Paula back from their trip to Burma this past week. They came back with many stories and causes to pray for, after traveling all over Shan State to visit believers and pastors they knew. As is common in Burma, the country is experiencing a lot of unrest and fighting, which affects almost all areas of the country. Though traveling was dangerous and difficult, Pastors David and Paula were able to visit several church gatherings, encourage the believers who are all over Shan State, and do some research for future works in the country.

ministering to shan pastors

They also visited and prayed for a dear friend who experienced a stroke. After the stroke, his entire left side could not move. They prayed for him, and when they returned the next day, he could move his fingers a little. They prayed again, and on the next day, he was moving even more and using a walker! Praise God for His miraculous healing power!

After returning, they commented on how sad the state of the Burmese church is. Paula preached to the believers at New Vision Church when she got back, saying “The church [in Burma] is full of religion, and that religion needs to die! We need to see churches that are alive and full of the Holy Spirit, moving in Him.” This trip inspired us to continue to develop resources in the Shan language to send to the believers over there, who they said are “hungry for something alive in their churches.”


Please continue to pray for their ministry to the Shan people in Shan State. If you would like to contribute to the next trip to Burma in any way, you can designate your gifts to the “Burma Project” either online in the message section or by check through mail.


In other news, Thailand is experiencing a severe drought. Though we are able to shower and wash clothes in the river, the crops are suffering. We are currently pursuing digging wells and pumping water from existing ones, but water is still the scarcest it has been in many, many years. Please pray for rain in this nation! Both the land and we need the refreshment and nourishment it brings!


As we launch into the hot season, the village is up to its usual summer-time activities, and some not-so-usual: daily trips to the river, work projects around the farm, and plenty of time for rest from the hot afternoons. This summer we get to do something special, too! The kids will be taking a special trip to a hotel just outside of Chiang Mai, located on a lake. They will get the chance to have a little vacation, where they can play in the waterfalls, ride boats, go fishing, and play games!

sticky falls

We are still looking for monthly sponsors for the children’s home. Thank you to those who have given monthly or one-time donations: you make all of this possible! We are still looking for many more monthly sponsors, giving at least $30 a month towards the children’s home. You can designate those gifts online by selecting “Sponsor a Child,” or designate it by check through mail.


Exciting things are happening in Trumpets of Christ International, and we thank you for your faith and ongoing prayers for this work. We can sense the Holy Spirit working in our church, and see Him working to empower more and more of us for the work of His kingdom! As was prophesied about Jesus in the book of Luke, we know that “of His kingdom there will be no end.” Let us continue in our labor, believing that God will use us to see Jesus’ kingdom come to the people of Thailand and Burma!

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